The Battle of Henrico County

12.32.00 - Mark

The iBook sale in Henrico County was botched, bad, by all accounts. For anyone not geeky and not aware of the stampede for $50 iBooks that have been abused by students for 4 years, I apologize. Go a little further back in my archives.For the rest of us it wasn't exactly a shining example of how friendly the Mac community really is. I mean Apple fanatics are very well organized and generally polite. I mean how else could you have lines miles long in a city where an Apple store was opening. What other community would camp out or stand in a rain storm for a store opening? It just doesn't happen, except for Star Wars fans and Mac users. We love our systems or as I like to bring up in Mac/PC debates we work with our computers, not around or for them. So where news started breaking of the stampede of Henrico County residents and the 17 people injured in the mad rush for iBooks (who I may point out did not want these systems when they were first offered for sale) I sort of felt bad for the Mac community. Sure the county mismanaged it in the first place, but thats not a justification for the way those people acted. In my mind the people that rushed for the iBooks are not Mac users, they are drones latching on to a half assed get rich quick scheme that goes like this:

1) Get iBook at $50
2) Sell iBook at $xxx where each x is a digit greater than 0

but like most bad ideas they fall apart when some conditions are not met like:

when (count(iBooks) <1000 && count(crowd) > 1000) {
fun riot

Thats not to say that there was an absence of Mac users at the sale, I just suspect they had the common sense to walk away. People who latch on to get rich quick schemes do no line up for anything at 1:30AM, they just don't, they line up at 7AM and expect to be given first priority because they are So-Damned-Special(tm). CNN can run all the videos they want of some woman crying over her lost flipflop or the lady that got trampled, but I'm sorry I'm just not feeling too bad about those people, they wanted quick money, not something to help themselves get along in life a little better.

Anyways the coverage that prompted this post: US iBook riot: A Survivor's Story @ TheRegister.co.uk

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