NC's Kickback Infatuation

19.00.00 - Mark

I swear this state has an unhealthy love for kickbacks. Every school in this states retched educational system (which I'll remind the readers is overly centralized) has a passion for 1) getting students to buy thirty thousand 2" binders every semester (which thoughtly cleans out the binder supply at every store in the area for 2 weeks before school starts and a good week afterwards) 2) getting students to pay for sub-par educational materials from Course Technologies 3) managing to use some of the worse web applications available within the kickback market (ie Blackboard whose insecurities have been mentioned in several recent issues of 2600)

Its absolutely bonkers. For example one of the lovely Course Technology books I need to purchase sells for a wonderfully discounted price of $80. Looking at the used market for the same book in new, like new, and very good conditions will get you a decent list of vendors willing to sell you the paperweight for a measly $20. I haven't taken economics, but when the consumer's perceived value is 1/4 of the "retail value" isn't there something wrong?

What's worse is that it is damned near impossible to get rid of the fracking things. It seems like NC is the only state in the union that actually buys endorses the crap Course Technology puts out.

Geeze, I won't be in a serious class until the end of the week and I'm already back to my full blown rants about this sick and twisted educational system. I haven't even mentioned the bum deal the school is offering me in place of the degree required classes they've been canceling before I even had a chance to register.

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