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02.36.00 - Mark

A couple months ago I got it into my head that I could code my own applescript based Andy Ihnatko YellowText-clone blogging system with textwrangler and cyberduck, maybe even incorporate a commenting with an email system. I messed with it a couple days and did in fact start to learn how to play with applescript but I got lazy and went back to messing with my other sites.

Now I'm back to blogging system but this time in the KISS system using the much more documented PHP and MySQL combination, but I'm not looking to replace blogger with my own system (not yet at least) I'm looking to create a newsblogging system.

"serious" Bloggers think the way they cover news is superior, "old media" thinks the way that has worked for centuries will keep working, and in their ignorance both are butchering it. Thje solution is a hybrid, an intersection of practices and fields, and I know what it is. So in the traditional internet startup practice I'm banging out the back end code on my laptop and writing out some of my ideas in an IBM-esque commenting practice of authoring more lines of comments and internal documentation than lines of code. When this thing goes live I'll be removing those excessive comments and work towards trimming some of the fat on the code, but I'm pretty sure I'm on to something. Of course the code is rather trivial, the key to this system is going to be the humans behind this system.

Any newshounds out there? mark.welker@gmail.com

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