Lessons Learned from the iPod

15.56.00 - Mark

Its widely accepted in the technoverse that you will never succeed at anything by following in the footsteps of giants. The eBay auction model may be great won't get you help you start an auction site, your windowed GUI interface won't displace Microsoft, you're welcome to start your own free web solutions website, but I'm stilling going to Yahoo!, and you can make all the iPod knockoffs you want but the iPod will still reign supreme.

Copycats are always miserable failures, to innovate you need to take lessons learned from the Big Name Successes. eBay's lessons include paying attention to your users. Communities help you thrive. Yahoo is keep it simple, make it easy. Lessons from the iPod include pay attention to design, the complete total design from rounded edges to tactile feedback, to a clean interface, to the packaging and marketing.

But according to this article, there are some other lessons to be learned from the iPod, decentralized design. It mainly focuses on the company Apple partnered with for the iPod, portalplayer, and how it has utilizes the global village. High-level (conceptual) design, marketing, and corporate dealings in the USA, technical and other low-level design in India, manufacturing and assembly in Taiwan. Its hard to deny its an inferior product, actually its quite the opposite. So maybe, rather than complain about the problems with NAFTA and how its causing us to loose jobs to Mexico, maybe what we need is more portalplayers in more fields. Otherwise, retrain. Its really a clear choice, low paying jobs and high priced products or cheap goods and fewer of those cheap jobs.

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