I pissed off the voodoo gods

01.47.00 - Mark

I once played a joke on a friend, he wanted to play a DVD on my DVD player and just couldn't get it to work. So he woke me up to troubleshoot. This must have been at 8 in the morning or so (and I am not a wake up in the morning person) but I needed to wake up regardless. The DVD player was just fine and despite my groggy state I knew it. The problem was that every time he closed the tray on the player it came right out again. By the time he explained it once or twice I had managed to opened my eyes at which point I realized that the remote was working just fine as well.

A third party, who wasn't particularly interested in watching a movie, was doing a very good job of pressing the eject disc button on the remote. Being more than a little spiteful (it was morning after all and I was having a particularly good sleep) at the time I told this friend of the consumer electronics gods, their voodoo powers, and how one must appease the gods. It must have been a scene since I was probably sitting on my bed with legs crossed and some sheets draped over my body spouting some bull about false gods. At the end of a micro-sermon he asked how to appease the consumer electronics gods.

"Simple" I remarked "Get on your knees before the TV, then bow down to the almighty consumer electronics gods"

Much to my suppress (and the delight of everyone in the room) he actually did it. I know he didn't buy it but it was funny as hell. He must have bowed before the TV half a dozen times before a 4th party finally (out of sympathy) pointed out that the third party was messing with the remote.

This is the background on my experiences on Wednesday, Aug the 3rd 2005.

I pissed off the voodoo gods.

I had a final exam for my PHP class, and because I can get too into coding a nice elegant and exact solution to a problem I failed to jerry-rig a macgyver solution that would have sufficed as far as the teacher was concerned (look for Monday/Wednesday rants over the last few weeks) It doesn't help that I was using school servers which are miserable excuses for big iron in the first place.

Following that technical blunder I went on to do more work on the site I've been developing for a local business (Carolina Carports Inc. now that its uploaded) and while all my code is perfect the iron they lease (globat.com) is likewise a miserable excuse of web server technology. The PHP server module is/was configured all weird and for some oddest reason won't render the code unless you stow it in a subfolder with specifically set privileges (755 or better for the folder and the PHP docs - if you are unlucky enough to have to deal with PHP on globat servers) All my other servers. Just fine, globat, we don't do fine. I spent 45 minutes in a 1 way chat with some overworked drone in a tech support cube farm (who didn't help me find the solution) so after a quick reworking of my code it was fixed and uploaded and I got to proceed to my next weird problems.

Sometime around 10PM matt needed to go to the grocery store so I took him, he got his stuff, and we went home we went to a car that refused to start for me. I generally drive a 191 honda, which still has a lot of life in it, just a couple little quirks. It gets hyper sluggish after its burned 9 gallons of gas, its stereo never drives all of the 4 speakers in the car, and the a couple of the power windows are getting a little hard to roll up and down. It also has this thing about being slammed into park. If its not placed in park in just the right way, it will refuse to start. Usually I can fix this. its not that hard and I learned after it happened to me the first time. Except this time the frelling thing didn't respond to the regular fix. A quick call and my dad came over and, did the same thing I did, and what happens, the damned thing starts up no problem. I tried doing it a dozen times and it just didn't respond. I don't get it.

I must have pissed off the consumer electronics gods.

At least they didn't see fit to make the VCR blow up or spew tape. I would have been really irate if I couldn't watch Tripping the Rift immediately.

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