Unintellegent Design

01.23.00 - Mark

I like this opinion.

Slacker Astronomy has had some play on this as well in one of their extra feed shows a good while back. The gist of it is we should have (un)intelligent design taught in schools, but not for the reasons its pushers would want. Intelligent design is in no way a competing theory with evolution, it just doesn't hash out, it is however a perfect example of bad science which is just what todays science classes need.

Education needs to shift to learning methodology, research, experimentation, reporting, and if you're a lucky student you have had a teacher that understood that, and rather than blindly obey no child left behind (or was around before it) and was able to avoid teaching to a test. They preached that learning was not memorization and trained recall of fact, it was knowing how, where, why, and what to look up.

Unfortunately, while intelligent design is a very good example of bad science, it is a hot button topic thats more likely to instigate riots than to enable learning. This country, surely to the distain of founding fathers, has become far too mono-religious. Those preaching intelligent design don't want a competing theory, they want a back door to spread half truths, arrogant lies, and downright ignorance. That's the problem.

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