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02.08.00 - Mark

I haven't had a good rambling blog entry in a while, despite some promises public and personal, and while I don't intend for this to be one, it may well be once I start venting some of the pressure.

See, I've sort of been in a die hard shipping mode, cranking out a site that I'm being paid to work on (Hey money, I remember you too!) I'm really, really happy with the way this new site is coming together and when its (hopefully) online next week I'll link to it. This one is easily some of my best work and it shows, its also helped to expose me to PHP/MySQL and all the fun things they never get around to mentioning in programming classes. PHP/MySQL seems to be a picky combination but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it and I am working towards applying the knowledge to my MountAiryNC.Net site. I really need to reorganize all my personal/portfolio sites. I've been dappling in web development for a while, and I think its getting to the point where I need to be serious. If I find the time, one of the big things will be hashing out a scheme that glues this into the .mac space, so I can move a portfolio and self promotion into the markw.us arena.

There's some other pretty hot tech news for Mount Airy, but I don't know how much I can say now. If your in the area I would recommend keeping an eye on Apple's local vendor database.

Getting away from tech, there have been other things, mostly small.
I went to Raven Knob on a Wednesday a couple weeks ago, and it was very nice. I saw friends I haven't seen in a while and got to enjoy a hot, but very nice evening in some of the most beautiful surroundings in the region. Part of me didn't like going up there for the evening, I wish I could have been up there all summer. Maybe next year.

Its amazing where some of my traffic is coming from. Its kind of mind-blowing that this blog and my .mac site are getting so highly ranked at google/yahoo/MSN. My stats have always been open to anyone's prying eyes, so if you're desperately bored you might look over the last 100 site referrals (click on the rainbow box at the bottom of the page)

Whole Foods rocks. Because Matt's back home from some government sponsored smart kid training camp (in Winston Salem, which will be a relevant fact in a few lines) we've been leaning more vegetarian (I swear Matt is the only fat vegetarian you'll ever know) I'm actually OK with vegetarian, we're eating better, more varied foods (which is driving my mom nuts because her idea of a meal involves coking around a block of low quality meat that may or may not be as hard as a block of lexan) Since Matt is also very good at finding things that he absolutely can't get in Mount Airy, we've made a number of trips to Winston Salem, and a few weeks ago we found the Whole Foods Market. 100% organic. I love it. It may be more expensive than the common chains, but the food is so much better, and the atmosphere is amazing. At Certified Big Box Hells it always feels like chaos can break out at any moment with the right stimuli. At whole foods the would be mob was very approachable, very kind, very, untypical of American culture. Its a neat experience and if you like food, try getting to a Whole Foods. (If you haven't gathered it already, Food is one of the things I love, but rarely blog about)

Speaking of food, I'm back to the no/low soda thing. Its really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I seem to do this from time to time and I may get one major headache after dropping sugar water, but if you drop it before you have 3 or 4 days off, it really isn't bad since you can sleep most of it off. This time I'm not even so concerned about keeping off the caffeine, its more stay away from the bubbling water (however its mostly a linked thing. majority of anyones caffeine intake is though ingestion of the fizzy water) The really hard part is the lack of interesting alternatives. The only reasonable alternative to sugar water is just plain water. Juices go a little ways but most of the decent ones (ones that don't have the same ingredient list as soda) cost much more than a can of cold pop. So I'd say take what you'd sink on a 24 pack and invest in a decent water bottle. You'll want one.

The New SciFi season started a few weeks ago. I'm waiting to see where the new bad guys in the SG1 universe leads. Its going to prove interesting, if nothing else its going to be an option for when SG1 finally jumped the shark. I'm similarly happy that Atlantis can now access Earth, they need to be careful where they use it. In terms of the season I'm not sure where they're headed yet, but they know what they're doing. Battlestar Galattaca's new season is proving interesting as well, the people behind BSG are doing a masterful job of playing with concepts in fiction that some of our leaders seem to be playing with in the real world. I love that in SciFi. Extra Bonus points to Scifi for showing Firefly (I've made several posts on it, but here's one of them), even tho' I did just get it off Amazon. I'm up0 in the air on the Wednesday night lineup. Ghost Hunters is in the BS category that I simply refuse to watch, masterblasters, which looked cool, stoops to the same lowbrow level as Monster * on discovery, in other words 40 minutes of cussin' and yellin' then 10 minutes of shit blowing up. I would like them to follow the Junkyard wars format and do less bunkum and actually get me interested in the build. I mean I can watch any idiot blow up *, but its not as fun as following the construction of rocket propelled houses/cars/* (and then watching the complete and total destruction of *). Finally, while I'm thrilled to see the new season of Tripping the Rift, I hate the recast voices. I sorry Scifi, but Six isn't supposed to be the complete slut that Carmen Electra portrays, Six is supposed to be a smart, decisive character (who happens to like exorbitant amounts of sex) like Six was portrayed in the original short film and the first season (I said I was getting away from the technical, not the geek)

Anyways, this is probably enough to bring in some interesting referrals so I'll leave it at this and catch some ZZZs. I have a sizable pile of DVDs I really ought to watch before Firefly arrives in a couple days. I really am a media junkie (half a dozen DVDs I need to watch, days worth of audio content, 225+ RSS feeds, a pile of books, and I'm shopping for PC parts to build a TiVo like device so its easier to manage media. Information Fucking Overload Man....)

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