01.03.00 - Mark

Some of the news stories that I am more than officially tired of seeing rehashed every 20 minutes

Harry Potter and related entries. I'm tired of hearing about the 20 some people though out the world who got an unofficial advanced copy then returned it. I'm tired of hearing about they haven't quite outsold the bible, and I've very tired of hearing how the Guinness Book of World Records is having problems awarding "Most people in a bookstore while not violating firecode" and its more illegal counterpart "Most people packed into a bookstore in violation of firecode"

Oil. If I wanted to know the current price of a barrel of crude I'd get a stock ticker. I don't need a full length article to tell me that Oil is $60+ every 20 minutes.

Hurricanes. Unless you're NOAA's NHC you don't know jack. Tho' I don't care as much about the neat pictures of half submerged drilling platforms

Michael Jackson and the lawsuit de'jour. He's weird. Get over it already.

Tom Cruise the psychologist. If he doesn't want Ridalin fine, he clearly has a psychoactive that is at least as effective.

The nitpicking over the BBC's use of the word "terrorist" (really anything dealing with isuragents in Iraq and the non-positive aspects of 7/7). Hello, nitpickers, under your own demented logic these arguments are just giving said terrorists more power over us. If you want to win your war on terror, keep them out of the media. If they can't send their message over the medium, what's the point of blowing your own ass up?

There are probably more, but I'm too lazy to skim over the RSS feeds right now. 20 extra points if you understand the title reference.

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