Today's no Duh Moments

11.04.00 - Mark

Kids want a greater challenge from high school - how long have I been saying this? We aren't stupid we want to learn, not be forced to memorize a bunch of trivial facts that everyone knows we're going to forget for the test.

The realk reason Hollywood is collapsing Give me quality content, not mindless drivil. A good start would be to not remake every movie you've released in the last 100 years so it has more Big Fucking Explosions (tm) and whatever surgically enhanced nitwit is the current mass media focus.

Big name musicians padding credentials with "classically trained" in addition to padding their wallets, and other things...

and while not a duh moment, some people think that the Harry Potter fans were going nuts, look at these - no book release required. I will concede that there are lots of Harry Potter fanatics, the youngest brother needed his fix so we went to the nearest Barnes and Nobel for his copy and it was packed. I'll put the camera phone photos up on flickr later.

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