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01.57.00 - Mark

I'l a little late to this one as it has been as its been floating on the net for about a month now, but Global Frequency is the best show to not exist. Even for not existing it beats most television.

See global frequency (for the next to nil regular readers reading this not coming from technorati or a search engine) never aired on TV. It was dropped by network head(s) who must have been smoking something really good at the time as it is an amazing concept that can easily compete with (or compliment) shows such as 24, Alias, X-files, and many more. Its a genre bending show that isn't too far ahead of its time to succeed.

But if it doesn't exist how can I possibly be saying soo many good things about it? Well one episode was produced, and that one episode was leaked to the internet about a month ago. Its a choppy artifact ridden 500mb file that its amazingly gripping. But technically it doesn't exist, as it was never aired, and I have the feeling that, wasn't 100% ready.

What's amazing is that themes of the show are being played out in real life. Networks of people outside the traditional loops are, like the supporting characters in the show, trying to get around the system, and make something work.

I strongly recommend that you look at the creators' personal websites (Warren Ellis, John Rodgers, frequencysite.com are a great start) and look at what they have to say about it. I think that if the MPAA can get stop acting like a younger mimicking brother to the RIAA and accept that they can use this p2p thing to their advantage this is the perfect example of the future. So obey the law and don't go download the nonexistent show,, do go out and legally overview the Warren Ellis graphic novel then spread the word of the best TV that isn't but can be.

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