01.02.49 - Mark

OK, I got really bored after dissesembling it, and rain is in the forecast for Saturday morning and afternoon so about 10:30 PM Friday I went ahead and laid the base coat of the metal flake green and it looks nice. Forgot the battery cover but its only $3.50 a can at walmart. Easy enuff to get another can next time I go there. So far it looks nice, a pile of keys didn't get a total coat but I'll take a closer look when I got for the next layer (flat black) I also did a test strip of the mess tape and it looks like it will work well. I'm kinda regretting not getting the metal flak black I saw at lowes, because the metal flake green looks simply amazing I'm sure the satin clear coat will take some of the effect away but, it looks great at the moment. I needs a good deal of light to reflect but I can imangine it under some bright sun light. I'll try and snap some photos before the next coat goes on but I already know that justice will not be done. It just looks that good.

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