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12.58.00 - Mark

I'm not going to apologize for not posting. Its my blog damn it not yours. Still it feels odd. Its not that I haven't had anything to post on (OK that may have been art of it) but I just haven't thought about posting. I've been too busy reworking MountAiryNC.net and sitting around doing basically nothing. I need tog et around to doing somethings, mainly out of a lack of money. I really hate Surry for somehow rationalizing summer course when it is clearly not in their mandate. I would much rather be spending the summer at Raven Knob

Anyways, here's a good blog post on how to win the "war on terror"

Foxtror 7/12/05

A tactic to remember next time the recruiters call. Its not that I have anything against recruiters, but when you can't find enough people willing to fight for a cause, maybe the cause is wrong. That's not the fault of their recruiters, its the fault of a president who is refusing to bow to the wishes of the people who give his office power.

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