17.11.00 - Mark

There is a major moron in the NY Times OP Ed section calling for ever more extreme punishments for "hackers"

Needless to say all sorts of geekery and hacking sites are up in arms, and for damned good reason I might add. The ignorance of morons like this boggles the mind to no end. Its bad enough that that computer crimes are already treated more severely than their meat space counterparts, but calling for the death penalty or "something worse than death" is outrageous.

These morons forget the origins of technology and civilization. His suggestions for "something worse than death" (both in meatspace and the digital domain) are clearly cruel and unusual punishment. Even less extreme punishments that he refers to (like a 5 year ban from the internet) are regularly deemed unconstitutional

Not only does the moron disregard the wonderful document that grants him the right to publish such bullshit, I suspect that he has no understanding of where his high value productivity tools came from. If his moronic head wasn't cramed up his own ass perhaps he would understand that the vast majority of the technology he wishes to protect was created and popularized by those he wants to destroy. Or maybe he wants his Blackwing 602s back. Bad moron.

(by the way the over use of moron is intentional. You can insert your own string of derogatory terms at each occurrence on your own)

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