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03.23.00 - Mark

I was up all night last night hashing though code and messing around with data (and it may end up being that way tonight as well) so I didn't decide to retire until about 6AM Before doing so I looked though my RSS feeds and, ironically, first heard about the explosion on Drunkenblog (who had also been up all night before learning of the attack and which is very much not a news site) at the time there were only one or two confirmed deaths and Blair was about to get up before the G8. Not to sound uncaring I went to sleep - there's nothing I can really do thousands of miles and an ocean away and there's no real point in blogging it at the time - it would just clog up technorati (which did happen). Really the only reason I'm posting this is because I found an amazing Londoner and Bombing victum's Blog post - A funny thing happened to me on the way to work this morning. My tube blew up
This one, by a London EMT is pretty good as well.

Speaking of big news today, Cindy came though town today, and did a pretty good job of flooding the area. I knew it was coming, NOAA RSS feeds are good for that. It make it really easy to keep an eye on the predicted storm path and cindy was tracking over the area for the week before it was downgraded. I'm kinda sad I slept though that. Apparently there was a tornado. Oh well. London deserves more attention at the moment.

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