The Lost Promise of the Internet

21.21.00 - Mark

What ever happened to the idea that the Internet would be the Library with everything? I mean sure its cool that I can find a bunch of geeks designing an Open Source Sub and what not but the idea that the internet has everything listed. Thats just not true. Look at Mapping. Mapquest, YahooMaps, MSN Maps, Google Maps (and Google Earth) Map24 and who knows what else. Surely there's some difference, Right? Wrong. Nearly all of the Mapping services use the same database, resulting in little more than a new face with the same data. Books? You have Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Nobel but do they have vastly different data? Not really. Books are books and all of thier info probably comes from the publisher. What happens to their data? Its redistributed. How many pages are there that simply rehash Amazon information? A lot of them. Phone numbers, movies (lIMDB), Music (Gracenote), its a common practice (mainly because its economical - why reinvent the wheel?) but it has its problems. Despite how all inclusive these databases may be they have holes, lots of them. Its easy to start searching for something and simply not find it. Most people give up, because if its not in the major databases - "It's Simply Not There".

for some of us, like those who know whatever subject we need is on the internet (or those of us who simply refuse to give up) this reliance is above and beyond an annoyance. And chances are you know a few of us - we're the ones you turn to when those major sources claim "It doesn't exist" and you absolutely need it. Of corse that brings us to the never ending problem of format wars and being able to use the information once you find it (which is driving me nuts now).

All this said, if someone has a copy of the Let's Do Lunch JabberJaw Cartoon Network Shortie (Produced by Filmtecknarna with Music by Pain) in any digital format please let me know (I'd even be happy if someone could tell me if its on the Pain Jabberjaw EP Enhanced CD) It's a neat video.

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