Its still the 4th of July Somewhere

01.45.00 - Mark

I function on West Coast Time, what can I say.

As you can easily tell by scrolling down I was both awake and blogging on the 4th of July, and I didn't throw up the usually hurray "Our country is 229 years old today" and while I'm proud to be a Citizen of the United States and I have been enjoying the day with the family (for the most part) I don't think many people have given a lot of thought into what the 4th of July really is.

Our country is not 229 years old today, 229 years ago we stated to unite as colonists to rebel against a government turned tyrannical with a single signature on a brilliantly worded list of grievances. It is a day to list problem with our government, and in many cases we fire shots of a revolution nearly all of us seem to have forgotten. While I have listed my own grievances in this blog on countless occasions past, present, and will easily continue into the future. While we haven't come to the cross roads our forefathers faced, we too face a government that is largely unresponsive to the needs and wants of the people.

July 4th isn't just a day to blow things up and savour gluttonous amounts of food with friends and family, the 4th of July is also a day to remember that the Government exists by the people - of the people - and most importantly for the people. More importantly it reminds of that when the government ceases to be those things we must take a stand. So now with the 4th of July over in nearly all of the Union, remember to take some time and study the countries history. Read the Declaration and Constitution, Understand the Bill of Rights and the other Amendments, and remind your representatives, Local, State, Federal, and International that they are here for you, and not the other way around.

That's True Patriotism.

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