18.56.26 - Mark

Got the paint today, hunter green for the system base coat and flat black to create the grid work. I also got a small can of metal flake green for the keys that I may choose to apply to the entire case, not sure about that yet. Then I got a flat clear coat to protect everything. I would have gone with glossy but that collects dust. When going though the paint isle at Lowe's I noticed some rolls of fiberglass mesh tape that is supposed to be used for dry wall. But I'm a hardware hacker and I ignore "suggested" and "supposed" at will. The stuff has the exact grid work I want, and that means I grapped some. Since it's supposed to stop raining tomarrow I might do a total take apart and run the plastics in the dish washer tonight (see Mercury at Applefritter.com for more on the dishwasher cleaning idea)

Then in the morning (or afternoon) I'll hit the case with the green base coat, either metal flake or hunter green. Then for safety I'll let it sit a couple days and come back for the black coat. Another couple days and I'll be back for the clear coats and I can give it a couple more days to dry. Hopefuly by then I'll also have my green CCFT backlight and I can do the full reassembly. By then I may look into rechargeable batteries for a recell. I'd assume that would land me in the last days of April and I can have a couple weeks to get photos developed and posted online in time for the inspiration's sequel's release date (May 15). Maybe by then I'll also have some creative solution for a trackball and lettering on the keys.

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