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22.43.00 - Mark

< cue lame announcer voice over>The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is proud to slander select your village town city (insert city here) to be a contestant featured in our new reality game show "feel good" late summer program My Kind Of Hick Loosers Town. By being selected our team of suits Brain sucking zombies production assistants will scout out 200 of dumbest most pathetic best and most talented hicks individuals from your slums community sad enough to come to the audition hoping it will be a spring board to future success in acting. These individuals will make up a live audience since we can't find enough morons in the New England area

This audience will be shipped freight bussed to New York where they will be a participating audience to the recording of a show that combines elements of Daytime TV game-show and post prime-time variety programming (we can't say which ones because of copyright law but the list includes The Bong Show The Rice is Pright The Bed Sullivan Show) Other features of the show include B-List Celebrities and a "Grand Prize" element if one selected victum audience member can correctly answer a question. (who will likely be chased and killed by their 200 friends)

The goal of the comedy/variety is not to pick on small town values Oh wait, Yes, Yes it is. It is to help ABC continue with its evolution of programming (which happens to be very similar to those at Box Froadcastings)

I'm a cynical bastard aren't I?

I'm not a big fan of Reality programming, at least not ones billed as reality programming (30 Days could be called reality programming but it isn't billed that way, and its far to good to be scripted) This "My Kind of Town" from ABC might be claiming to be benign, but reality TV is far from that when you drag a while town into it. I did a google search and quickly found 5 cities where they have (or have had) casting calls. (Belvidere, NJ; Ellenville, NY; Greenville, AL; Mount Horeb, WI; Burlington, MI; Mount Airy - not a current google result will be the 6th out of 6 shows) I really can't see this being a good thing for the communities involved (Its a well known and easily provable fact that most people loose 90% of their mental capacity when exposed to the lens of a video record device, and significantly more than 100% when exposed to one capable of capturing a stream of video records at 30 frames a second)

While its hard to find more than the initial press release it seems to be that the people behind it are looking to embarrass at least one "audience member" by asking them one question for a "grand prize" - its not entirely clear if this is for the x number of people in the audience or if its for the community at large but no matter 200 or 11,043 its designed to make good entertainment - not good neighbors. I could be wrong, it is ABC (which hasn't sunk to Fox's level quite yet) However I did have a lot of fun banging out the first part of this post...

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