01.20.00 - Mark

"I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts." Will Rogers

Now for a joke news item from Washington:

There is a resolution in the Senate to have a National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week? (Have I expressed my love of plogress.org RSS feeds recently?)

Not to offend anyone (could anyone be offended by this?) but what is the point? Honestly what's the point of celebrating colleges that support (or "historically" support) self segregation to some extent? Why not a day? Or an hour? And why bother throwing this in around September 11th other than to further marginalize any "celebrations" that might occur? Hell how would one celebrate that - let students of the relevant schools out for a week?

I just adore my elected officials (both my senators cosponsored the resolutions which has been passed into committee - when one would hope it dies)....

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