Ya Know What's Really Fucking Offencive?

23.01.00 - Mark

There's some news story floating around the web about some guy who said some derivative of the word "fuck" over the airwaves and someone seems to have fucked up and not bleeped out his usage of the word "fuck". I think its really fucking offensive that the offended rule this country's policy. This is fucking insane, when has a single word, especially one that runs off the tongue as easily as the word "fuck", stirs offended masses so much that they go off the fucking handle and start preaching the downfall of western fucking civilization. Its fucking insane. Do these fucking morons have a complete and total fucking lack of priorities. If the word "fuck" really going to do that much fucking damage?

I don't fucking think so.

Post inspired by Jeff Jarvis

PS I was thinking of audio-alizing this and making it a podcast, but all I really need to do is link to this (MP3, deal with it as you must - offensive to the offended)

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