13.53.00 - Mark

Unfortunatly back in classes again - and to think my brothers just got out yesterday?

What really peeves me (as mentioned the other day as an online fit of anger) is that they cancelled one of my classes - one needed for my degree mind you. Then today I come into the not-cancelled one and I find out two things

First the book is different than it was. Which is partially my fault - I didn't double check. When they claimed they were going to have this as an evening class the book happened to be one already on my bookshelf. But as seems to be normal here at High School University they cancelled it (can't really fault them there - I was the only one signed up) So I mistakenly assumed that they couldn't possibly think of changing the book. Pfft! They did, to some other book published by the their favorite source of kickbacks educational material Thomson Course Technology. I have no clue why either. None of the books have been that useful and you can't resell them for anything (online or otherwise as I'm disgruntledly finding out)

Secondly this book is covering PHP5, which as best as I can tell isn't too hot in tech. Most server companies have been refusing to move too it because its really incompatible with 4, which is where nearly everything seems to be. I'll admit that I'm not that knowlegeable here, but if we really want to learn the bleeding edge why don't they just throw us at Ruby? Like I said I'm not really into the community (yet) but its really irratating havig to buy a book I wasn't execting to have to buy.

Other developing peeves include use of language while broken it is not it really reminds me of the carelessness use of language (and I'll admit I'm guilty of it) we so often see coming out of Washington. The Internet Tech Curriculum here really seems to have been haphazardly thrown together.

It took me a few weeks to get depressed about my classes during the spring semester - I don't think its going to take that long this summer...

If I cared more about stylzing this blog I'd upload some pretty, random images and place them in to break up the text - but I don't. I will be adding something similar in the Applescript blog software I'm messing around with developing (but I need to get it to open files first...)

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