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19.57.00 - Mark

I really can't find myself feeling sorry for hollywood. At least not over the bittorrent thing. Doubly so for TV (which seems to be acting though the MPAA)

They have every major news outlet in America making a Big Fucking Deal out of how Revenge of the Sith slipped on onto the nets last week - so what if the files have been downloaded 50,000 times plus, which I might point out is only a few thousand more than then they started hyping it in the media (at the time hovering around 45,000)? Once it opened people went to see it, including I suspect a lot of the people who downloaded it. So are we forgetting about the $50 Million Dollar opening day? Or the additional 100 Million it pulled in over the weekend and Lucas knows how much over the next few weeks and months?

Then there's DVD sales - two words extra features. If its worthwhile people will pay. I'm not condoning downloading of movies, but at the same time I can't feel sorry for them.
The industry brought it upon themselves when they started giving Napster free advertising - then when they killed that Gnutella, then when that was spammed into uselessness - Kazaa - and when that was too virus infected for use eDonkey and Bittorrent. The funny thing is that none of them have gone for the source - newsgroups. Newsgroups remain the source because mass media hasn't hyped it, its unknown to them and by extension average joe sixpack

Its a grwoing problem because they make it one (for the most part - some growth is covered by viral marketing and word of mouth)

So BT isn't going to die soon, and if for some reason it does it won't matter much as a new format will take its place, learning from the mistakes made by its forefathers.

Of course they could take an even simpler route and stop delivering muck. I saw an article (Wired, June, it'll be online next month) that dreamworks is now pushing two big screen animated films a year for the next few years - eventually adding in a direct to video release / year. Sales have dwindled (fact in article), sharing has certainly gone up (speculation on my part) , but the opposite seems to be true of Pixar. Entertain us, not sell us out to the highest bidder, and maybe then we won't feel bad about sinking $20/person to see a film.

Not that they're really loosing money or anything at least not because of P2P nets

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