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07.41.00 - Mark

Because I'm gonna join a my brother and a friend in a Star Wars Viewing Party I'm going to post a bunch of political BS in this post, and the techie/oddities in another. Here goes:

This is a bad idea - and it certainlly shouldn't have passed in any shape or form. I'm now positive (more positive anyways) that the morons meeting in big white buildings (flat topped and dome topped) have not read the constitution - or at least fail to understands it. If they did they would know that the senate has these powers for a reason - namely that the house doesn't (balance of power isn't simply between the three branches - it exists within them as well) You don't need a politicking degree to know this.

This one shouldn't have passed either, not because it isn't good (we hate spyware - we hate ignorance more -more after the closing parenthetical) but because it already exists for the most part. The electronic wiretap laws they so hastily passed in the mid 80s to go after hackers more severely than their meat-world counterparts go there. There are already laws that include fraud and privacy (despite lobbyist attempts to repeal them) as well. So maybe they needed an amendment to bring them up to speed but holy shit we don't need Yet-Another-Brain-Dead-Law-That-Doesn't-Really-Do-Anything-Because-Noone-Knows-To-Enforce-It (patented, trademarked, and copyrighted) we need fewer clearer laws that we can actually, realistically enforce. Not that these things can be realistically enforced - as most spyware ceoms from Russia and other pleasant places where Our-Laws-Aren't-Worth-A-Crap

Then there's my favoritist ::) House Representative cum Senator Richard Burr, who wants his gun. To be honest, in this "age of terrorism" and the urgent needs to protect our government (got me there) why are we trying to restore the second amendment to Washington D.C.? Especially since the rest of us seem to be loosing 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 10th rights. Furthermore why on earth do they need an act of congress to do this. Anywhere else this would be local ordinance - am I missing or forgetting something here? (To be fair I've only recently subscribed to the plogress reports for my represenativies, Burr, Dole, and Foxx) To preempt ME's inevitable comment - maybe we should let them have it without a fuss - maybe they'll destroy themselves...

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