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jake saves the world! Again!

I liked this season. Really pretty ridiculious, someone or shot tortured in each episode - usually more than once and more than once the same person. While its a lot of fun to watch, is one of the shows that requires people to take the step from being entertained to being involved - tracking characters and following the same clues they do. I reached on of Jacks conclusions as fast as he did (the audio puzzle) which was certainly the intention of the producers. Anyways I like 24, and I like Jack (I even picked up Dark City partially because of 24 - and I loved that)

But still this season was a little ridiculous and I really hope they think about turning it down when it returns next January. I doubt it tho' as they put it

On the first Day he saved the president
on the second day he saved a city
on the third day he saved a nation
on the forth day (this season) he saved the world (huh? I don't think so - stopped some bad politics but the world?)
Blah blah blah - if you think this is the end - you don't know Jack.

So what the hell are they going to have him save? The Solar system? The Galaxy (Jack Bower meats MiB - has Will Smith signed on?) The Universe (Star Trek Can sign on here - or didn't Lucas say something about live action series - or the Beeb is looking to distribute Doctor Who in the US)? Or wait, maybe Jack can save himself - his ego is somewhat larger than the earth. Ohh Ohh maybe Jake is going to be an ecological terrorist freelance protector and save the oceans (saves the earth - which is certainly bigger than the political essence we can call the world)

I think I know why Dave Barry live blogs 24 - its way too much fun to speculate on what sort of outrageous and entirely improbable plot twists the writers of 24 are going to stick in.

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Ivan - 09:39:00 / 2005.05.24 #

Woooh. Go me.

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