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23.05.00 - Mark

Yet again I'm watching the local news cast (against my better judgement) and it looks like this week they're discovering bittorrent.

This time the reliable source is "some man" they talked to "who downloaded the DVD"

***watches segment***

Error 1 - you can't download DVDs as they suggested, you can download video, and even then its nothing more than the video - none of the extras found on most, and all modern, DVDs

Error 2 - they think that this is something big. If they were really reporting news they'd have mentioned that pirated - burned versions have been on the streets for a month - not days like the current bittorrent files

Error 3 - You do get something in theaters that you can't get with these pirated versions (which they suggested was the solution to this "problem") - quality (ok this is relative, most of the stuff produced in Hollywood is crap. I haven't seen the BT version so it could be high quality - I doubt this however). Sound and video quality tend to be a lot worse in the BT files because of compression, source files (which tend to be camcorders in the theater)

Error, or rather unmentioned item 4 - they didn't even mention Bittorrent or the tech used - they said you can pull this off websites - which is complete bullshit. Based on the numbers I've seen its been downloaded over 45,000 times equating to something around 57,430 GIGs of data (there are about 4 different torrent files up there - most are ~ 1.4GBs one is 700mb) I don't know what the BBC Yahoo or Google Serves up a day but I have a feeling they might have a problem with 60,000 GBs of traffic. Any website serving that much data a minute has got to be running on a cluster with optical lines - and the MPAA would have shut them down before they could have reached that point.

Then there are things they seemed to suggest but didn't cover, like they showed a handful of TV torrents but didn't mention that.

Gotta love local news casts. Completly useless except for entertainment value. But thats their goal isn't it? (see last weeks post on local media...)

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