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02.38.00 - Mark

I'll admit I prefer Star Trek to Star Wars, but I'm a Sci Fi Geek first and foremost. And If you bother looking at the time stamp you can probably guess that I got back from a midnight showing for Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith a little while ago. I didn't really plan on going tonight, just sort of happened that way. I dropped by in time to see some High School (morons) beating each other over their heads with plastic rods light sabers. Fortunately I don't think the fate of the universe will ever fall into their hands. I went home but before long I went back and bought a ticket (someone had told me they were sold out as of Wednesday Afternoon - but they were wrong) This is Mount Airy so there weren't any really great costumes, but we did get a midnight showing, on two screen, and it drew most of the 16 to 35 Male demographic in the area. I'll let someone else decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing.

Anyways the movie was good, especially for the demographic it drew (with their unquenchable thirst for violence) but for the few of us who care about quality, story, twists and turns it really did leave a lot to be desired. Not so much that it was a bad film (it wasn't) but a victim of bad sequencing.

Stop reading at the end of this paragraph if you are completely oblivious to the Star Wars Series and wish to be entertained. Its not a specific spolier (not in my book at least) and its pretty obvious, but you've been warned. Like thats going to stop anyone.... (Which is a short way of saying you can keep reading if you are at least familiar with the general plot of the series, which means a vague idea of what happens in each of the 5 previous films.)

There is a scene in the movie that should make you sit on edge, upright, and that causes you to grip the arm rests so tightly its a wonder that they don't break. A scene where you know that if you blink, you'll miss it all and will have to suffer though your friends telling you how amazing it was tomorrow or you'll have to put up another $10 to see it again. A scene that geeks will no doubt play frame by frame so that they can memorize the moves so they can reenact it at the next big fandom event them attend. A scene that is pivotal to the movie, nay the series - and that is its downfall.

This scene is of course the climax (this isn't a spoiler its simply logic), and to anyone who knows even a little about Darth Vader's past and something about his black suit and respirator knows what this scene must, and does encompass (again logic). Which keeps you comfortably relaxed in your chair - not on the edge or crushing the armrests - and takes off some of the tension since you know that if you miss a frame you can still talk about how cool it was over the water cooler in the morning (early afternoon rather - it was a midnight showing after all). Geeks will still do the frame by frame and memorization but nothing is or was going to stop that.

There are more examples of how in any other movie, or if it was released in its proper order, scenes would blow your mind, or at least really suck you into the story, but because this was a prequel to the edisodes IV, V, and VI as well as a sequel to I and II there wern't a lot of twists and turns that could be taken by the creators. So in the end it was simply OK on its own, useful to those of us have already seen much, most or all of the series, and wonderful for the next generation of SciFi geeks (who choose to watch Star Wars in Episodic order and not by release dates) Its sort of weird really, for me it wasn't great, but to the generation behind me, or those new to the series, its surely going to be a wonderful thing - except to some cultural anthropologist in a few hundred years who is going to scratch their head over why someone would release the end of a series before the beginning.

A lot of people said the same problem happened to Shrek 2 - had there not been a Shrek 1, Shrek 2 would have been amazing. Law of diminishing returns or something like that.

Anyways - time for sleep (after another quick post I meant to put up yesterday)

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