Deja Vu All Over Again

11.52.00 - Mark

Why is it that "news" doesn't need to be new? I don't mean the 3 day old news you see in local media (not exactly at least) I mean people swarm around "new" cool items that, a few days/weeks/months/years/decades? ago they were swarming over.

For example Boing Boing is linking to an xray image of a powerbook and because boingboing is linking to it, scads of other websites are linking to it this week including Macslash, except this image circulated the web 4 years ago - and like now Macslash is linking to it. They're not the only one. I see this all the time in varying periods of time, but its still irritating, especially when it clogs up my RSS reader with extra noise.

This example is certainly the longest I've seen, but I think the long-tail needs retooling. I think it needs to be more like a roller coaster (the nice simple ones that go up and down like a diminishing sine-wave but with a longer shallower valleys)

It almost makes me want to jump into Bayesian Filtering Technology and apply it to RSS feeds so I can easily plot this over time. As best as I can tell it takes 4 to 6 weeks for it to cycle though (major site, blogs, podcasts, "mass mediums" (local news, comics, print op-eds) and back to the long tail to settle assorted debates within petty bloggers)

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