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16.22.00 - Mark

Some states have had a law prohibiting out of state wine shipments for a variety of bullshit reasons, one of the main ones being "protection of minors". Thank you nut jobs. Fortunately the supreme court stuck these laws down today

These laws make it harder to send wine as a gift, and can severely impact sales. There is at least one situation where a visitor to this region fell in love with some of the local wines and because direct shipment was illegal he had to give up on the wines or (which he did) rent a u-haul, a lot more wine then drive it home. However not everyone is going to drive a trailer full of wine 1000 miles so for wineries direct shipments are potentially very important sales mechanisms.

Now what on earth could be more important that helping local businesses thrive? Protecting minors! Which in this case in nonsense. As someone who is "underage" (and annoyed as hell about it) and who has had some wine I know I like it and because it wasn't some big frelling taboo to me I know that it should be used in moderation. As I've pointed out before the United States in one of the few nations with a serious drinking problem and one of the few nations that has its age limit at 21. So we don't need to be protecting minors our society should ease them into adulthood.

Secondly any teen that wants to get drunk is going to, and here's a little hint, they aren't going to be using a credit card, and they aren't going to be buying wine, and they sure as hell aren't going to wait up to 10 business days while their alcohol is transported in the back of a brown truck to their doorstep where there's at least a decent chance that someone not them is going to discover their drinks. No they are 1) going to break out the parent's stash or 2) are going down the street to the quickiemart for a 6 pack of the cheapest paintthinner beer their fake ID can buy.

Anyways the balls back in the 50 states hands, so inevitably a few do-gooders are going to try and stop all direct shipments (in this case I can't pick on the religious right, since many of them support alcohol - like the current pope, who had a couple hundred liters of his favorite brew delivered to the Vatican or Jesus, who gave up water for a nice glass of vino)

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