Two Down Three To Go

11.57.00 - Mark

Exams have been finished meaning all thats left of this semester is selling my books and getting my grades. Neither one I'm particularly excited about (book selling because I'm lazy, grades because I know my Engrish grade is going to suck ass because of a group project that ranks among the worst failures I've ever been involved with EVER.)

Sadly I've made a decision about my Summer and its the one I didn't want to make. Now I need to do some clean up. Which is another task I don't want to deal with, but will.

Messes aside it is a wonderful day, certainly one of those dozen or so days a year that you suffer though the other 350 for. Clear, crisp, sunny sky with a comfortable temp floating around 70. If you can't remember the type go download and listen to some Caribbean Free Radio. (cuz that's what I cued up on my iPod driving back today and it fits perfectly)

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