The nice thing about Mac Hell

19.07.00 - Mark

North Carolina is nearly a no Mac zone. I mean they are out there but they're pretty few and far between. I mean up until today I think I might have snatched 2 Macs in as many years, one was a classic, the other a mostly borked 6100. Nothing compared to the dozens I managed to pick up in Iowa.

On the other hand because there are no Macs there are very few Mac knowledgeable techies. So when Macs "break" they usually get tossed.

So a sharp eyed mac user can sometimes fid them on the curb, like what I did today. My latest addition to the collection is a 6500/250/4GB/32MB/CD/Zip nothing really special beyond that but I have a processor upgrade, a TV card, and possibly a stick of RAM for it. There's a chance that with a little investment for some more RAM and a hard drive I could have a semi usable home theater system, or at least a fairly qualified server

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