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21.23.00 - Mark

Churches are seriously getting into politicking, so much so that if you don't agree you will be voted out of the church.

Welcome to North Carolina

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ME - 12:05:00 / 2005.05.10 #

If they want to destroy themselves from the inside it's their own business, I'm not saying that I support them in this but I know that I don't want any of it to be brought up to the government because to them the seperation of church and state only goes one way, I think that all elected officials should be killed in the street and left to rot,(to dicourage others from following the same path) If somebody doesn't shut them up soon I think I will. (I know that half of this has nothing to do with the original post but I felt like typing it)

But anyway, rotten weather we've been having lately ay?

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