Spamalot - The Shorened Bastardized Preview Version

16.18.00 - Mark

Matt got his Spamalot soundtrack today. He already ripped it and by the time this post will be typed out so have I. As I'm listing it has most of the great songs from the play, but its really rapid fire. I mean the songs are blurring together, it also lacks the type of jokes found in The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer for the Film of Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail (Executive Version) - like this is Side B or Bomb threat. So really its just a short preview version of the play, minus most of the Python-esq humor and dialog.

While I'd recommend you see the play sooner than possible I'd also recommend you get the CD, mainly because you will have the song "He is Not Yet Dead" and/or "The Fisch Slapping Song" stuck in your head, and short of seeing the play a dozen times, you will not be able to remember the lyrics, therefore ensuring the non-python fans will deem you as psychotic.

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ME - 12:07:00 / 2005.05.10 #

oYu hvae a olt fo tpyos ni ouyr oglb.

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