01.21.00 - Mark

I am seriously getting lazy with this blog. I used to just throw shit up and didn't give it a second though bar comments and bonehead mistakes (usually pointed out in comments) Now I'm starting to amass posts and items to post.

Here's one of those items:

Circa April 12th 2005.

I found/made it at stortroopers.com, it is a flash avatar creation tool that was buzzing around the web at the time. Its CC licensed, but I don't know that I wouldn't post it reguardless. Its kinda neat, and I bet most people can get pretty close to themselves if they choose (I did, sort of)

Anyways with luck I'll remember to sync the idisk and then stick this online before another month goes by.

This would have been up sooner but I was doing some more work on the portfolio viewer for one of my web classes. Its still sort of messy, won't render perfectly in all browsers, and is very graphics intensive, but I needed it online somewhere and needed it now. As I don't know how much layout work I'm going to get done on it before its due I figure I may as well share. More content will be added to it soon, and it will likely be moved away from the linked position. After exams finish up I'll revamp it build some more navigational/informational elements, hopefully pretty quickly, and build it into the .mac site.

And going back to the backlog part of this post (which I created between classes Wednesday morning), I'm going to try and get better about clearing any queues I may be developing. Its a blog - I don't need or want to do that much editing/self-censorship.

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