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If you're in that age range that the military is drooling over then you really understand how desperate they're getting to fill the ranks. I just got another call from recruiters a little while ago and I'm not sure if they're got me on a "call again" list or if the numbers are really that bad. I forget the branches that have called me I know the first was a moronic jughead who after talking to me probably went off to find a Dictionary. There have been more but this time it was the Army, and this guy wasn't nearly as bad as the rest of the recruiters who've pestered me in the evening.

Most want to confirm that I'm capable of respiration, many want to tell me about how I can travel the world and continue my studies and how they can pay for everything.

I didn't get that vibe from this guy. He seemed more passive and displayed some level of intelligence when it came to asking me questions (more along what I want to do). I passed a couple of potential holes for him to exploit (like "a job better than flipping burgers" which recruiters tend to jump at), but thankfully he didn't. More shocking is that I only had to repeat "not interested right now" a couple times, as opposed to a few dozen times.

I'd still prefer to have my name removed from the list, but since I can't I'd much rather deal with these more passive recruiters than the tele-marketer like proactive pain in the ass.

I support our troops. I have a deep respect for military servicemen and woman (2 uncles formerly in the service, one served/serving as a consultant and at least one good friend sign up after high school) But as I have pointed out in the past, supporting our troops does not mean supporting our government in an unjust war.

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ME - 08:05:00 / 2005.05.05 #

"If you're in that age range that the military is drooling over: YOU??!!!
Just kidding. They usually come to meet me but I can avoid them by acting mentally unstable (I think the twitch comes in handy) or I get in a retarded mood and do stupid things like slap myself or ask them if they see the monkey in the corner too. (I am kidding about that but they have put me on a basis of I'll call them not vice versa)

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