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01.18.00 - Mark

In the 6th grade I did a big research project on Brazil. I mean this project was bigger than most of the "major" college writing assignments I've received from the local High School University. At the time I thought Brazil was pretty cool.

Now they're amazing. Well beyond the world curve for any rate nation.

In the early days of personal computers, due to some weird import export laws, they basically had to reverse engineer everything from scratch. Sometimes they did a better job than we were. A famous example was the Macintosh Clone they made that, at the time, was faster than the systems Apple was producing. I have a deep respect for any culture that supports technology though creation and not consumerism. Brazil has been leading that march for 20+ years now.

Today the government was/is one of the largest nations to fully adopt and encourage open source software. Everywhere. Most nations are still supporting commercial (read Microsoft's) products and only want open source goodies for minor tasks - if that.

In addition to their culture of creating they also have the balls to stand up and tell Bush and his brigade of religious right to piss the fuck off. Bush's regime is offering the same AIDS/HIV care package to Brazil that they were pushing on Africa a couple State of the Union Addresses ago. Like with Africa the deal comes with strings attached - the nation in question needs to develop the no-abortion, no prostitution, no sex no fun stance the religious right, health eating extrememists and Voluntary Human Extinctionistswould want everyone on Earth to take.

Of course Brazil said no, because unlike scads of other US territories countries, they really want to maintain their self rule. Really admirable. Reminds me of a not so ignorant/arrogant United States actually. Additionally, and the article doesn't mention it (few mass media items do because of the "morality" issue) but Brazil's approach of making sex safer is the right route to go. Most people don't know what actions have the highest risk of contracting AIDS/HIV (no the answer isn't as simple as "sex"), at least until after they contract it at which point the knowledge is all but useless.

Sorry for not posting yesterday - I dove into a webdesign project that I like so much it quickly went beyond a school project and after exams will be incorporated into the rarely updated main site. (think along the lines of a much needed portfolio page).

and yes that might mean I go in a fix some of the existing css code while I'm at it

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