Things to do with the American Peso

09.25.00 - Mark

Money Origami is a mildly fun waste of time. I did a couple last week when I first found it, but you really want to use a crisp dollar, not a ratty formerly wadded up on.

The other fun use for some coinage is make a ring (original instructions are offline, but there are mirrors linked to in the comments). I did this hack over the weekend with a quarter. Only fits over my pinky finger and since I didn't have any coins that predate 1965 at the time it leaves a nice green circle around the finger I wear it on. On an interesting note, if the US dollar gets any weaker, it's going to make more sense to get a pound of pennies and melt them into bulk copper than it is to keep tham as currency. (1LB of pennies = about 181 pennies, the going price for 1LB of copper on the London Metal Exchanges is about $1.50)

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Mark - 12:57:00 / 2005.05.03 #

A minor technicality (read: damned you and your cursed fact checking)

The dollar is in horrible condition. With zinc at about $.75 a pound it should only take a few more years of dinking around in the middle east before the zinc is worth more than the coinage.

Zinc aside I'm guessing that if you work hard enough you can find pounds and pounds of pre '82 pennies still in circulation (which are mostly copper) Maybe 1 in 6. Sure you'll attract attention wanting all your money in the form of pennies but its legal tender and you won't loose anything on it. Assuming the Secret Service stays out of it.

Tho' I'm sure one of Bush's economic goons will figure this out do a complete recall on pennies and then reprocess the copper themselves before its practical for those of us seeking entertaining get rich quick schemes...

Despite how bad the dollar is it will take a long time before we reach the point where the most/all material is worth more as metal than as official currency.

Paper and plastics are cheap.

Jas - 18:48:00 / 2005.05.03 #

Sorry bud... you won't be able to buy a pound of pennies and get a pound of copper... the gov't is smarter than that... pennies are predominately zinc/nickel alloy. Scratch off the copper and you'll see...

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