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19.35.00 - Mark

My Thursday Sucked. Horribly.

Friday was significantly better. Due in large part to seeing Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Pretty good, but they cut out some of the best jokes. Part of me wasn't that opposed to it, until I remembered that the original radio series covered the 1st part of the series in about two and a half hours, possibly less when you take out the lead-ins and theme. I know DNA prepped most of it, and that he knew the series as it was wasn't Hollywood dredge so he had to change some of it but I'm sad that some of the better guide entries were cut (like the nonexistence of God) Still overall it was good. I won't say I don't want to see more of the series in movie form, but I'd be nervous if they could also withstand the jump, especially since the first one, somewhat like the book, did a pretty good job of closing the loop.

Then there was today. Today rocked.

Went to Winston Salem today, Matt needed some stuff. So we got that stuff pretty quickly and went to Best Buy. Matt wanted a movie, some batteries and then was distracted by the iPod minis. He's now a member of the cult of white ear buds with a 6GB silver mini. That was followed by an excursion to Macaroni Grill. Really nice place to eat. Semi-upscale Italian chain. I had a really good fish and orzo plate. So afterwards we dodged over to Barnes and Noble I finally got a Moleskine Notebook. A single Large Plain notebook. So I'm thrilled. Also got the latest 2600 and The Hitchhikers Guide the the Galaxy Soundtrack (So long and tanks for all the fish, so sad that it has come to this...)

About an hour ago we got home and I checked the mail to find that my RAM had arrived. A wonderful shock. I wasn't expecting it until next week, so it didn't take me long to find the right screwdriver and begin the installation. Really only took about 15 minutes and the iBook is so much more responsive with the extra half gig of ram. So following the RAM I started Black Hawk Down and set out to install iTunes on Matt's behemoth of a laptop, casually watch my movie and pound out this post on the iBook.

Life goes on. After the movie I'll either finish making a ring out of a quarter or work on some of the assorted web projects I need to finish up (and one that I need to start) for my classes. (I don't hate the projects - I dislike the tediousness of the instruction.)

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