15.00.00 - Mark

(beware - rantings and ravings of a scifi geek lay within)

Whoo Hooo!

Today is a good day for the scifi geek in me. I have now seen the trailer for Serenity, and it is shiny. So Shiny I've been viewing it over and over and over and over again. There are a few more overs but I'm too lazy to type them up, too lazy to cut and paste them as well. I absolute love firefly, there has never been anything like it. Action, Adventure, SciFi, Mystery, Character Studies, Comedy, Drama, Western, Crime, with mythos, cultural references, all with a more than a little Asian language

Its classic.

If I can survive tomorrow there's nothing thats going to be able to stop me from seeing Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy on Friday - at least once and quite possibly more.

Now all I need to do is survive tomorrow. Followed by survive until the end of September. I'm not quite sure which is going to be trickier. I'm not exactly ready for my English class tomorrow.

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