You just got to ask yourself one question

23.38.00 - Mark

Do you actually feel safer? Well? Do you punk?

Its not like this is uncommon either. Homeland Insecurity is just that, insecure, because its infinitely easier to control huddled, scared, panicky masses than it is to control rational and aware citizens. With the panic crowd you get get away with all sorts of stuff, like blowing 7 trillion dollars on a misguided war, revamping airport "security" to avoid a copycat incidence that is as much a threat as that random guy you saw walking down the street with the armageddon sign.

The next "terrorist" "attack" isn't going to involve a set of recently gassed up 737s. Its not going to involve a truck either. Its been done. By allowing our government to keep the nation living in the fear of the world, a "terrorist" needs to do little more than plant a few dozen smoke bombs in the ventilation system of a big building or a tunnel on a major transportation line and set it off. Terrorists, unlike some of our political leaders, are not stupid. They are going to go the path of least resistance, they're going to attack us in a way we (read: our moronic leaders) won't think of, since thats going to be the unmonitored, unguarded, unexpected place they can attack.

Something to ponder while you change into your orange jumpsuit and chains - your flight's leaving in a few minutes.

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