08.57.00 - Mark

Wow. I can't really remember the last time I went this long (3, 4 days?) without posting here. Kinda strange but also somewhat refreshing. I know I was planning on geeking out this weekend but thats a 180 from what actually happened. I was pretty much unwired the whole weekend, opting to bank sleep than hack code. Sure I did read more of The Art of Intrusion, (which has been pretty slow going) and Friday? Yeah Friday finished wiring the house for ethernet. Somewhere in there I wasted 5 minutes sticking a laptop drive into a USB 2.0 enclosure and half an hour getting another one of my older systems to play nice with the network (which might not be countable as it involved turning the damned thing off for the weekend)

I honestly did think about posting something random over the weekend, but I didn't. I don't know if I chauk it up to slackerdom or to some of the Certified Bastard Decisions (TM) playing on my mind. In a few hours I'll really start reconnecting with the world. I've barely even glanced at anything other than the local blogs since Thursday afternoon. Which brings me to my next items of business, but in the funnny way blogs are created (at least in my own twisted mind) you'll be reading this after the fact.

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