Of Earth Day and Turning off your (damned) TV

14.06.00 - Mark

Earth Day was Friday. Right now we're in the middle of turn off your TV week.

I sort of zoned out on Earth Day, I'm committing myself to moderate involvement with turn off your TV week. But my problem with these "holidays" (there needs to be a better word for that, these are not Holy Days, there's nothing spiritual about Earth Day or turning off your TV) is that they aren't things that should be a single day or a single week.

We're ("society") trashing this rock 364 days of its orbit, and a single day in the single most anti-environmental country is enough to justify these wrongs? You don't need to be a certified nut-case to be environmentally conscious, I'm not advocating you make a home under a pile of dirt out of reused milk jugs and pop cans. I'm a stronger proponent of looking at viable alternatives (such as my personal favorites, biodiesel and solar) and participating in recycling and composting. I don't do this for a day or two a year. I try to be active year round, even if it means having to freeze my ass off taking recycling out to a center (because the city can't see the benefits of curb side recycling)

And TV. I like the video medium as much as the next guy (and certainly more when I actually get to create) but TV can turn off your mind (admittedly this is a little ironic considering my post earlier today). Sure there's some really sharp stuff out there (for which I'm making the exceptions) but a lot of it is crap. Why waste hours everyday watching the latest in unrealistic "reality shows" when you will never meet "The Donald", or if you do a restraining order will be promptly filed as Really Big Guys pound you into the ground (cuz face it, you aren't a wrestler either), you will never be stranded on an island, and if you do you won't survive 3 weeks because you don't know how to start a fire without a box of matches and a gallon of gas, and you will no be jumping between moving vehicles, but if you must your darwin award is in the mail.

Get out learn something, be active, listen to some real content (like podcasts) because I'm not going to pay for you to sit on your exponentially growing ass and watch what ever.

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