Devil's Advocate

09.58.00 - Mark

I support freedoms. Freedoms to say and do what I want without fear of harsh penalities or lawsuits. However just because I side with those issues doesn't mean I fail to understand the opposing views.

So I'm going to play devil's advocate with google. Google is getting away with some stuff that those of us who aren't 500lb Gorrallas can't. The most clear example is the image search. Go do a google image search for anything. See all those images? Does google own the copyright on those? They're hosting those thumbnails on their servers. So google is technically making other people's copyrighted material avalible on their servers.

Last I checked thats illegal. It should fall under fairuse but if I did it I would be subject to aforementioned lawsuits and harsh penalities.

So why exactly hasn't anyone attacked Google for copyright infrngement? Am I missing something brazingly obvious.

How about the DMCA and it's inane ban on "hacker tools" google, the Search-Engine-With-Everything(tm) is widely accepted as one of the best hacker tools. Not because of anthing obvious like reseach or social engineering, but because it indexes EVERYTHING including things like those webserver webcams, pages filled with credit card numbers, internal company documents.

The potential lawsuits are mindboggling. So why haven't many (if any) been filed?

Just something to chomp on.

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