14.56.53 - Mark

I really should look outside before making comments before checking to make sure they are still current. I'm talking about this one [quote time="yesterday"] BTW still waiting for my 'puters to come. The estamated dilevery time is/was sometime today. [/quote] I posted and published that and then took a look outside. And of course I find a huge 70 lb box that wasn't packed well. Over all not bad. Starmax I got seems to need a new PSU but thats a standard part. Of the 3 'books 2 should work, 2 dont. and the WGS 80 boots but its a one drived, one horned flying beige floppy eater that doen't have A/UX like it should. Then that leaves the AWOL insta tower that was the deal maker and a stowaway 610 MLB that I don't need.

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