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16.58.00 - Mark

I added some new quotes today to my quotes page, which is just about everyones favorite portion of the site, certainly one of the more visited at least. I really wanted to comment on this one however (Yes Virginia, this is going to be one of my longer posts):

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." George Bernard Shaw

I heard it on one of the IT Conversations podcasts I was listing to on my twice daily commute, and it was in reference to this growing movement of Makers, Modders, and Hardware Hackers. One I like to consider myself as being, or at least having been part of. I'm not so sure that I'm in it anymore. I mean I'm not an uber-consumer and I certainly choose to make and repair as often as I can. The quote puts a new perspective on that however.

How much am I really changing? Am I really involved with this movement like I think I am, being one of the unreasonable who want to, and can, change the world or am I just a slacker kiddi3 - reasonable man - who managed to cobble some code together and call it a website? Is that really changing anything for anyone?

I know I average about 30 hits a day between this blog and the static site. That's a fact. The uncertainty lies in all the people who find the obscure links to the site and look around. In nearly three years of maintaining this collection of tag riddled text I can still count the number of people who have emailed me about the content of this site - on my hands (in base 10, not binary) I'm barely onto my toes when I add the deliberate linkage - references I didn't plant myself.

Running this site has been pretty thankless (which would be why I haven't made a massive, or even regular updates to it aside from the blog)

The other item I was really thinking about, and is at least partially contradictory to the last few paragraphs is real geniuses ship A little spin on a famous Steve Jobs quote (real artists ship) Many people have the same ideas. Just because 43folders writed about his "Hipster PDA" (which if you missed is little more than a pocket full of index cards and a spring steel paper clip) doesn't mean he was the first to think of it - lots of people carry index cards, and lots of people have tangental ideas. I've been carrying a half sheet of paper in my wallet since before 43folders was even a blog. So I guess there's a little hope for me and my pathetic little brick in the wall we all know as the internet. I mean I suppose I'm not too bad off. I at least rank on numerous search engines, With upwards of 12 billion webpages out there I suppose having something is far better than nothing.

And yes writing this all out has a point. This is my scratchpad blog, I scratch, stretch, and stress out ideas here, and considering that my summer is looming on the horizon and I still have to make the bastard decision I keep putting off, and yes its still getting harder as the hours drag on and the days fly by.

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