The Big Big Bang

12.11.00 - Mark

This ended up being too tempting to not rip and share:

The Big Big Bang.mp3 : SlackerAstronomy.org : April 1st Show of Doom (which you can't get anymore)

I listened to the whole All Geeks Day SlackerAstro podcast a couple weeks ago, it wasn't their best, but I was listening to another favorite podcast which featured The Big Big Bang and as I still liked it I choose to rip the song out of the Slacker Astro Podcase. Since its under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution license I'm allowed to share such things so here it is on my servers for those of you who didn't listen to me earlier and go swarming to Slacker Astronomy.

It's the only time you'll ever hear Stephen Hawking do Rap. That may or may not be a good thing.

As a tangental plug, you could be downloading this automatically if you choose to plug my feedburner feed (to the left) into you podcasting client of choice.

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