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11.19.00 - Mark

I'm convinced that web development is a sham. At least with so called "professionals" I mean I like making money doing webpages, but I've officially resolved myself to not calling myself a professional web designer. Paid enthusiast, advisor, maybe even guru (nah - that could be pushing it) something along those lines. This resolve has been spawned by been this initially harmless dispute in one of my tech classes.

How do I get a better search ranking?

Harmless right? Until you get into the meat of the subject. Its all about linking, or rather getting linked to. By relevent material. Because that's what google, yahoo, and most of the top dogs use. My teacher, after talking to "professioanl web developer people" stands by an archaic device known as Metadata. Metadata is useful - my iPod would be impossible to navigate without it, its pretty handy at sites like flickr as well - but for internet search engines its a dead technology, well if you want to run a practical search that is. Why? Because spammers and scammers love flooding pages with metadata upon metadata.

Don't buy it? Do image searches for a sting of keywords and look at all the useless stuff that crops up.

There's no way you can coerce google into indexing, or at least crediting metadata. They consider it a form of cheating, and your pitiful little website will find itself removed from the Search-Engines-That-Matter(tm) There is no such thing as a free meal, and there's no such thing as quick, effective, and ethical Search Engine Optimization

As I pointed out yesterday in my rift on tech support, I am a geek. I know these things and just because your 2 bit hack (used in the fully derogitory sense) stick to their stories (which are usually overpriced and filed with disclaimers about how you shouldn't trust us geeks)doesn't make it true.

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