I hate Tech Support

20.31.00 - Mark

Not giving it, receiving it. I, very reluctantly, had to call and deal with morons at not just sprint, but also netgear (which I'm trying to figure out why I was coerced into). I hate tech support.

Not the fact that they're outsourced CS grads from India (the sprint moron seemed like an inarticulate dislocated marketing drone, Netgear could have been from India) but because they either work out of a drain bramaged spiral bound notebook of FAQs and online support docs and who have more training in dispute resolution than in something that might be useful - like for instance technology.

I spend a solid 30 minutes trying to explain to Sprint's moron that the problem was not my router (netgear) but my modem, the same modem thats been giving me hell for months on end, and is well known for being crap since it has retarded prot forwarding controls and getting it to play nice with a router is technological voodoo. This is the same modem that sprint, the wonderful phone and internet company that it is, shipped to tens of thousands of customers (like myself) with default passwords and no instructions on how - or even to - change the fucking password (unlike Sprint and majority of consumers I have more than three brain cells - most of which can work together - and the first think I did was change the fucking password - because if hackers know anything its that 1234 is not a password.)

I mean I really don't like tech support

SO after this moron has me starting to hastily rewire the home network (which as I point out to her half a dozen times wasn't necessary) she, or rather the manager I could hear in the background, starts spewing dumbed down instructions on how to reconfigure the thing (them: sir, double click on your hard drive, OK? click on applications, OK Now click on utilities, now do you see something called terminal? me command tabs into terminal and opens a new window Them: type t-e-l-n-e-t single space 192 me [interrupting] 192dot168dot1dot1 got it and I've already typed in my password [and banged my head against a wall])

I know tech support isn't targeted at geeks, its not supposed to be, but when we geeks do need to talk to someone who may (emphasis on may - tech support is like a rigged lottery) know what they're talking about. As bad as Sprint was I was still able to accomplish something - after an excruciatingly painful period of time.

The India Netgear guy just insisted on a serial number, model, number registration, bar code, shipping packaging, social security, finger prints, retina scan and genome before he could tell me to go online and register the damned thing (why? Who the fuck knows.) I don't even want to know what he would have insisted on had I not resolved myself to not calling them back. At least with the modem configured "properly" all I really needed to to do the router was a reset followed by a reboot of all my systems. (and if sprint took an hour and a half Netgear might have been an eon)

Now everything seems to be fine [knocks on wood] and if it stays that way for a couple days I may be able to convince the PAF to pay the $10 more a month for 3Mbps service (compared to the measly 512kbps we're supposed to be getting) In all honesty thats ridiculous in its own right. I get a 6 fold improvement for $10. Its not costing them anything so you'd think they'd open up a little more bandwidth. But no, this is America, home of the outrageously priced broadband, and all of a sudden its easy to understand why even South Korea is a more wired nation that we are.


I hate tech support.

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