Cancer, AntiCancer

01.16.00 - Mark

Remember the bad old days a couple years ago when everything was known to cause cancer (at least in the state of California)?

Well now it seems as if everything, in addition to being known to cause cancer (at least in the state of California), everything is known to help prevent cancer - like say, chocolate.

Not that I really care. I've basically resolved myself to enjoying life rather than worry about the 100 Billion and one different things that can kill me, mane me, cancer me, infect me or whatever. Life is too damned short to worry about how I could potentially die, that will come soon enough, unless I've inherited my great grandmothers genome. My great grandmother, for the half dozen of you who read this bantering and don't know, will be 104 at the end of this month and whose greatest problem when she turned 100 was that the doctors wouldn't let her have wine anymore.

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