Star Trekin' (Warning: Geek Out Ahead)

21.00.00 - Mark

Ugh, UPN/Paramount are really doing their best to completely and totally quell any hope of a Star Trek retuning to the airways anytime in the foreseeable future. Tonight's episode wasn't bad, but the preview for next weeks looks horrible. Not that the story is bad, but that its already occurred - about 30 years ago. Enterprise is remaking the alternate universe episode, which was one of the better episodes of the Original series. They are also mucking up the classical trek timeline by looping jerry rigging Enterprise into TNG by making it a holodeck simulation. I'm willing to put up with a lot of unbelievable stuff, it is SciFi after all, but this loop is no better than a bastardized mangled creation no better than the atrocities known as Fan Fiction ("Fans"* who try and reverse engineer Show Bibles in order to create their own ideas - majority of which fail miserably)

I generally hate remakes, there are some I enjoy, but those are usually ones I didn't see the original of before - like the Italian Job, Gone in 60 Seconds, Ocean's 11 (which is different because both were just a bunch of Big Name actors having fun on screen) and the Current run of Doctor Who (which has had me anxiously waiting for Saturday afternoons since the middle of March). Remakes are just crud attempts to recapture a generation oblivious to classic movies, but stylized for the ADHD sect with the inclusion of, but not limited to Explosions, Sex, Vulgarity, Unidentifiable and Physics-Defying Gizmos, Big Fucking Guns, Rap Stars, Porn Stars, Teenybopper Idol Stars and the removal of but not limited to Taste, Plot, Intelligent Dialog, and Connections to Reality (also known as a Moral to the Story).

I could be judging this too quickly, but I seriously doubt it. Prequels suck, Remakes suck more, Prequels doing remakes could prove to be a very effective way of not having to air the last 4 episodes in a series...

* Quotes used because Fans, traditional short for Fanatical, is a load of Bull because the "Fans" ignore, or more likely ignorant of Show Bible Commandments.

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