10.10.00 - Mark

I went craphounding yesterday, its been a while since I last went on an excursion, almost too long. Ended up with a $3 submergable water pump-which is one of the final parts I need for a crackpot project, and a $14 (shipped) 2.5" USB2 drive enclosure (yes I have USB2.0 and yes I have a spare, laptop drive kicking around)

I also bought Dark Angel the first season for $14, which is cool. I liked that season - didn't get into the second (which was less cyberpunk and more monsters) Fox is selling first season DVDs for nothing hoping to use them as a gateway drug to the fuller priced ($40+) later seasons. Still I like cheap DVDs, especially when they're not complete crap (like Ernest Joins the Army 3 - Back to the Baracks or Jaws 14 1/2) Matt also got me same more Bawls, which I thank him for. The Sugarfree stuff I accidently ordered isn't bad, but it isn't nearly as good as the stuff in the bumpy blue bottle.

Don't know why I didn't post yesterday, I was feeling pretty good (despite the fact that I shouldn't for various undisclosed reasons) and was planning to - just didn't.

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